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Tag: motivated

Stupid :) Emoticon!

I have gotten all of the pages up and running. :D I’ve also installed the custom emoticons, which are way cuter than the ones that WordPress comes with by default. Bleh. :P I’ve also added a cute favicon to the website as well. All credits are on the website page. :)

I am having one problem at the moment though. I can’t get the :) emoticon to display the graphic. -_- I don’t get why because I checked the setting for the emoticons and it’s all correct and set up. So I really don’t understand what the problem is. -_- So I don’t understand what the issue is. All of the other emoticons are working fine except for that one! D: Stupid smilie!

Anyway, I plan to start posting up some quotes sitting in the back log tonight. :) So be excited! :D I know that I am Lol

Finally Motivated

I am happy to say that I am finally motivated to start working on this website. I’ve installed WordPress and put up a really nice theme that I love. :) I hope to get the entire website up and running within the next few days. The entire site will be dedicated to my quote graphics that I love to make. :D I’m really excited! So keep checking back!