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The main focus of Night Walkers is quotes and sayings. I make a ton of graphics with the primary focus of them being quotes and sayings that I find online. This site is dedicated to all of them. You can find them all here and you’re welcome to share them as long as you link back to this website alone with the quote/saying. :)

The domain was originally registered on October 25th, 2014 at NameCheap. However, I didn’t start building a website on it until June 13th, 2015. The website was officially opened on June 16th of the same here. It is brought to you with help from WordPress and the theme, Nova Lite by Theme in Progress. The emoticons were made by GuitarCraze with the favicon by MikariStar.

Please keep in mind that all content you find posted up here was created by me and me alone. Not all of the quotes themselves are mine however, just the graphics. You are not allowed to share them without crediting me and linking back to this website. Thank you.

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